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How to Leave a Good First Impression on Your First Date

Welcome from the Green Screen TV Team! My name is Jonathan, and I am going to share with you an idea for our TV pilot for the upcoming reality show on first dates! :)

First dates are often nerve wrecking especially if two people have little information about each other.

First Dates: Very, very important.

First Dates: Very, very important.

This means that you may not know what your first impression is about each other. First impressions may be positive but on the other end, can be negative. This is the very reason why we give great importance to first impressions.

They say that first impression lasts so you might as well stick to this principle. According to a LoveFAQ it takes only minutes for a girl to determine if she likes you or not, so make sure that your first date counts. A first impression may be dependent on the nature and flow of your first date and how you handle it with ease and confidence. Here are some tips on how to leave a good impression to your potential lifetime partner on your first date… courtesy of our brainstorming session here at Green Screen HQ 😉

  • Tip no. 1: Always make a good choice of words. Sometimes, it can’t be helped to leave an opinion about things or about your date. These opinions can already be one factor that can formulate a first impression. For example, if you find the dating place a little quiet and a bit lacking of romantic ambiance or in short, not your type of place, you have to honestly say it to your date. It should be honest and straightforward but not in a way that can hurt his or her feelings. It would also be better to ask your date first about what he or she thinks about the place. If you both have the same opinion, then you can be safe to suggest a better place. Do not immediately suggest another place as this may already mark a negative impression. It might mean that you are too choosy and might reflect a personality that could possibly be difficult to deal with. Again, ask first and look for hints of similar opinion before you proceed to your next possible options. There are other situations that call for a good choice of words. You may find it a little difficult at first since it makes you a little conscious about yourself and about your date’s first impression about you. At this point, maybe it can help to always remind yourself to relax.
  • Tip No. 2: Always have positive vibes. Since it is your first date, always provide a bigger space for positivity and as much as possible do not allow negative vibes to ruin your date. In other words, do not let a few negligible mistakes affect the way you look into your date. For example, if he or she says something you don’t like, just let it pass at first. Do not immediately jump into a conclusion of having a negative impression about that person. Maybe he or she does not practice the good-choice-of-words principle so you just have to understand. Trying to leave a good first impression is not that easy and it may end up on the opposite end. The best way to leave a positive impression is to always have positive vibes.

Now What?

Finally, do not expect anything from your date. Remember, experience is the best teacher so leave things as learning experiences– both good, or bad. Just don’t settle for anything less or lower your standards just to be happy. If your first date is a success, that’s a good start. If not, as long as you follow these tips, the problem is not you at all.

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Hollywood Style Inspirations for Men

You don’t have to be a fully-fledged fashion conscious human being to put a little more attention to your wardrobe. While it may not be as important to most men as it is to most women, fashion and your personal sense of making yourself look good plays an important role in how you socialize. You can tell me all night about how little you care about being fashion forward and about having a fashionable wardrobe and I can tell you: Mister, I can totally wait until you are trying to go out on a date.

Of course, you want to make a good impression. Of course you want to look good because looking good makes you feel good. And of course you want her to like what she sees in you. And to achieve this, you don’t always have to run to your sisters for your date makeover or to stress your gym buddies about what to wear every time you have a date. You don’t even have to spend a dime on a professional stylist. You just have to turn to these men for style inspiration and know which pants go with which tops and how to accessorize.

Hollywood Men

Gentlemen here’s oprah’s list of indicators of interest, and also here are some Hollywood men that you could absolutely look up to (aka Google, Search Image) for outfit inspirations:

  • Adam Levine. He wouldn’t be this year’s sexiest man alive if he didn’t know a thing or two about fashion. The Maroon 5 front guy’s style staples include the basic white tee and the skinny jeans, paired with motor boots and a few black-themed bracelets or a statement necklace. Oh and don’t forget those dark wayfarers! If the plain white tee is a little too basic for a classy night out or fancy date, go for Adam’s leather jacket. Adam is not one who does so much to his hair so a simple updo will always work.
  • Ryan Gosling. Clean, classy, sassy. Ryan Gosling on Crazy, Stupid, Love should be every man’s icon of classy. The dude is clean shaven, he has the perfectly neat hair do, and he wears his clothes to a perfect tee. Staples include a button down, some neat leather loafers, and some slim cut pants to highlight the length of legs and an accessory or two like the fake nerdy glasses he loves. To channel your inner Ryan Gosling, you have to remember one thing: perfect fit. Wear something that is neither too loose nor too tight on you! Oh, and always accessorize with a smile. Works for Gosling every single damn time!
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If there’s one man in Hollywood who can pull off the preppy look, it has got to be this guy. His good boy charms always sit well with his wardrobe choice that consists mainly of some plain white or light collared button down, a sweet little knitted sweater, some straight cut jeans and trusty ol’ leather loafers. JGL has perfected the ‘tall guy’ look despite being relatively average in height by wearing the right pants with just the right length. If you’re a little on the shorter side of things, JGL should inspire your wardrobe.
  • Michael B. Jordan. This Friday Night Lights alum may be easily confused with his legendary namesake but there’s no mistaking his simple, easy to copy fashion style. He’s one man who can easily rock a cardigan and still look as manly as the Hulk! To copy his style, you’d need some form fitting staples like the man-cardigan, some sweatshirts, or a plain tight-ish shirt with a pair of slim pants.

Take a cue from these highly stylish men in Hollywood the next time you go shopping! Please also see my previous blog post. Thanks!

How to be a ‘Cute’ Guy and Why You Should Be One

When you’re in high school and most girls get googly-eyed over their crushes, it is quite cool to be the ‘cute’ one in the crowd. And trust me, all those big googly eyes will be directed at you. Cute seems to be the pinnacle of attractiveness when you’re a boy. Yes, a boy.

But lo and behold, things change when you’re in your 20s of course. You are now rooting to become a man – and men, men cannot be cute. Men, as society dictates, ave to be manly and tough and gorgeous…or so they say. Who says you can’t be cute even when you’re a full-grown man? Who says being cute is a detriment to your manliness? Well, let me tell you why you can be a cute man!

Why You Should Be One

I’ve listed out a few reasons why it’s okay and in fact beneficial for you to be the cute guy in your all-adult social circle, and why it would make you extra attractive to the female bunch:

  • Cute men don’t look scary. You can get creepy without creeping her out just because you’re cute.
  • Women can hardly stay mad at cute men. No one can stay mad at anyone who looks so cute and adorable!
  • Cute men can impress women with less effort. Seriously, how do you think did all women fall in love with Patrick Dempsey anyway? He doesn’t need to do much to swoon a lady!
  • Women can hardly say ‘no’ to cute men. Ever wondered why the puny man in the office never gets screamed at by your boss? Well, yeah now you know.

How to be a ‘Cute’ Guy

Convinced or not convinced, I’m still going to tell you how to become that cute guy:

  • Always look clean. The dirty look hardly works with the cute image so go for the good boy clean haircut, clean shirt, and generally clean body – this is so cute.
  • Smile a lot. That’s one of the best traits of the cutie – his awesome, unbelievably sweet smile that can melt the coldest of hearts. So work on that smile (and improve those pearly whites too).
  • Don’t be too aggressive and arrogant. The charm of the cutie lies in their demure, shy, humble aura. And if you’re naturally shy, you can work on this angle to boost your attractiveness more easily and to your every advantage.
  • Be nice to everyone. You don’t have to be the I’m-nice-I’m-going-to-kiss-your-behind kind of nice; but be the agreeable, everyone-likes-you kind of nice. Be a positive spirit, being shy and friendly with everybody at the same time. This will make up for some things that you may not exactly have on the looks department.
  • Don’t try too hard with anything. Keep your talents a little hidden; don’t be too obvious about trying to be impressive. Keep a generally low profile, add some mystery, and wait for them to make an effort on getting to know you.

See? There’s nothing wrong or unmanly about being a cutie pie! It’s adorable and women love adorable. How is that ever so wrong for you?

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Dating Tips for the Workaholic Man

Busy Man

Busy Man.

Question: how does a workaholic man date?

Answer: He doesn’t! He’s always working!

The workaholic man is one of those perfect examples of how you can’t have everything. They get all the money and career advancement they long for, but their dating lives are either in a rut or inexistent. Ouch! Then again, truth hurts; how do you expect a man who’s always busy at work, spends more than 10 hours in the office every day, and goes home only to continue work to still find the time to sit patiently in a restaurant talking to a woman about anything other than his work? Before anything else, try to read this, a case study on how to approach a girl.

Dating Tips

Exactly, you can’t. It takes a lot of change in perspective and maybe lifestyle to pull off a great dating life, without having to give up so much of your career growth. Want tips on how to do it? Drop the phone and read this with both eyes:

  • Change your mind about your work. Your work is not your life; it is only but a part of it. Sure it is important, and sure it would make your future married life better for you and your future children but to labor endlessly while you’re single would jeopardize having a future family. Or at least having one before you’re 50! So balance your work and your social life – you need both. Remember, all work and no play is, lame. You’re not lame. Go out!
  • Find someone who’s just as hardworking as you. Ahh but of course, who could better understand you than someone who is exactly in the same situation as you? She wouldn’t mind your long hours, just as you wouldn’t mind hers. And she wouldn’t be too demanding of your time because she has a job to do the demanding for her. How is that for a girlfriend, huh? It would be interesting how your potential relationship is going to work out considering you’re a couple that would hardly see each other, but who knows – it might actually work! (PS: this takes out all of the guilt in having to cancel dates and getting late to them. Plus you might not even have to worry about who pays what because you have magnanimous credit limits to your cards).
  • Date someone at work. Ahh but of course, why not just get into a little office romance instead? If you can’t find the time to go out and meet women, you might be better off dating someone who works in the same office as you. Water breaks, cafeteria breaks, office holidays, even the darn overtime sesh’s are going to be so much more special! Plus, you don’t even have to worry about different work hours.
  • Go out more often with your non-work friends. There’s more to the world than Chinese takeout, office work, and making your paycheck fat. Go out there with your college friends, or hangout with your cousins or friends of friends. You can be a workaholic but you still should find time at least once a week to go out and socialize. It won’t only help you find some time for dating, but it will actually be so good for your wellbeing.

So, how do you date, Mr Workaholic?

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Dating No-No’s for Single Dads

Dating is a challenge. That’s a fact that every human being that sets foot in the dating world should know. Unless you were born with an overflowing supply of irresistible charms and destined to never ever get rejected, dating is and will always be a challenge. See this conversational seduction tricks from Sonic Seduction that will surely help.

And while it is difficult enough to snag a date as a regular single person, having a kid in the picture will make things extra, extra difficult. When you’re a single dad and dating, you won’t only have to worry about yourself and the woman you’re dating and whatever comes in between you. You’d also have to consider your kid, and as much as you hate it, yes – your ex aka the baby momma; that and how each of these parties will relate to each other.

Tips that you should know

To reduce the challenges you’d have to face, a simple thought on what to do and what not to do would make a whole lot of difference. Here are some dating no-no’s for every single dad around:38

  • Don’t put women over your children. It’s blood versus water; your children will always be yours and will be with you while you can always change girlfriends. Simply said, it means know where your priorities lie.
  • Don’t lie about your kids. That would not only be a betrayal to your date; that would be betraying your very own kids and potentially ruining whatever you have with them. Be honest about your kids early on.
  • Don’t push your date into liking your kids too soon. Not everyone is enamored by the idea of dating an entire family. This takes time and will have to wait. Sometimes, it’s not the kid factor that turns women off from single dads; it’s being pushed too soon into the situation. So don’t plan the entire family day after the second date. Wait until she’s comfortable with the idea; you’ll do yourself, your date and your kids a huge favor. Playing stepmom isn’t every woman’s dream role.
  • Don’t introduce her to the kids too soon. When you’re in the seeing-each-other stage, it may not be a wise idea to have her meet the kids all too soon. It can definitely wait until you’re both sure about the relationship that you have, and until she’s ready. While honesty to the kids is important, it wouldn’t be healthy for them to meet one failed date after another. Stop with telling them you’re meeting people; that would be enough.
  • Don’t have her meet the baby momma too soon either. It won’t be a pretty sight, no matter how cool you and your ex are with each other.
  • Don’t be needy. Just because you have excess emotional baggage doesn’t mean you’d have to drag her into your complications. Be your own man and carry the fatherhood baggage with as little toll on her as possible. Dragging her down would be unfair.
  • Don’t drag your kids into your personal dating battles either. SO you got rejected? Your kids got nothing to do with it. Being a single dad means knowing where the boundaries between being a single man and being a dad lie.

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The Pitfalls of Online Dating

Online dating is easy, convenient, and in so many ways cheaper than regular dating. And in so many other ways, it can be better than regular face-to-face dating. Sure the rejection rate is relatively higher than regular dating, but that can only come from the fact that the opportunities of meeting women is also much, much higher. Not to mention, the sense of mystery and partial anonymity offered by online dating sites add some boost of confidence for the more introverted individuals. For quite a lot of people, online dating is in fact one of the best things invented to help improve their dating lives.

online dating

Online dating is fun, easy and convenient.

But just as with anything, online dating can never be too perfect. Here are some of the most common pitfalls in online dating that everyone looking to start a virtual love hunt should avoid:

  • Online dating can get very expensive depending on the dating site. Sure online dating helps you avoid having to leave the house and spend on cab money, drinks and maybe even dinner just to meet a lot of women. Sitting at home waiting to ‘poke’ female members in your circle and end up having a private conversation online seem so much cheaper. But, nah. Not really. The problem with many of the online dating sites of today is that you have to pay for practically every little thing you do. Online dating has become a flourishing industry – a definite moneymaker. If you’re not careful, you might be spending more for sending mini gifts to your online date than you normally would taking a girl out for real.
online dating

It is so easy to pretend to be someone else (and to be fooled!), so take extra care when you decide to go into online dating.

  • Online dating makes faking and stealing identities online easy. See, anything can happen online. It’s so easy how to get a woman to like you when they can’t see you. You can be anyone online. As adventurous as this seems, it can also be dangerous if it gets out of hand. You can be chatting with a 60-year old con man pretending to be a 24-year old yuppie girl. Or you can be flirting with your very own cousin who presents herself as some B-movie actress and end up falling for her without you knowing your blood relations. Always practice your better judgment and discernment when meeting people in online dating sites.
  • Online dating can never fully replace human connection. You can easily ‘kiss’, and ‘hug’ and ‘smooch’ and ‘cuddle’ in online dating sites. But these virtual intimacies can never warm your bed. It can never replace a real hug. It can never replace real human connection and therefore, to make something lasting out of online dating, one still has to go through the steps of traditional dating. Eventually, you need to meet up for that actual first date.
  • Online dating can let you lose grasp of reality. Just as easy as it is to create an online profile in a dating site, it is easy to create your ‘ideal personality’ too. While this does not seem to pose an immediate problem, it may do so in the long run. When reality seeps into a relationship based on the created ideal online personality, it would be too common to say ‘You weren’t like this online’.

To make great use of this online dating technology, make sure to avoid these pitfalls. Online dating is only supposed to aid in your chances of finding women to meet – not control your entire dating life. Good luck! 

5 Tips to Reveal Yourself, You Secret Admirer You!

So you’ve been her secret admirer for a very, very long time. Whether or not you have been giving her clues about yourself, you are bound to come to a deciding point: to reveal or not to reveal. And an even bigger issue holds when you have to reveal yourself.

No idea how to do it? Here are some tips:


Don’t just show up telling her bluntly that you’re her secret admirer. That’s creepy.

1. Do not just randomly show up and tell the girl you’ve been admiring her from afar – especially if you guys have not been formally introduced. Ever heard of texting? Here’s how to text a woman (oprah.com resource). You’d give the lady a heart attack, silly! There are simple ways of giving a lady hints that you are crushing on her – and they are not necessarily difficult. The idea is to build up anticipation on her part.

2. Choose your timing. If you are having a crush on someone who is going through a rough time, don’t burden them with the knowledge that you are secretly admiring them and you are expecting an answer. Let them fix their problems (maybe even support them through it if you two are close enough for that) and only when things are settled should you confess. This will prevent them from instantly turning you down because they will have ‘’so much going on in their lives already’’. Oh, do I still need to tell you that you shouldn’t do it when she’s not single?

3. The difference between admiring a friend or stranger. Yes, there are some big differences, and admiring a stranger might seem like a problem, but it does not have to be. You have to give the stranger the time and the opportunity to get to know you. You obviously know them better than they know you, and they cannot begin a relationship without them knowing you. Ask him/her nicely to a date, or at least an opportunity to introduce yourself.

4. Set up the mood. Really, you can’t expect a “grand reveal” in the middle of a frantic day at the office or when she is running from one class to another. Set up a great mood for your great reveal. Apart from finding the perfect time to do it, at least make it extra special by making an effort of making the whole event just as special. Send flowers, play some sweet music at the office, or be in cahoots with your common friends.

5 Be your best. Look well, dress well, and smell your best. Of course you cannot possibly reveal yourself looking like you’ve been run over by a train or something. Look your best silly, and put your best foot forward! You’re trying to impress someone and if you’ve been playing your cards right and have built the right amount of excitement and anticipation for your big reveal, the last thing you want is to disappoint her expectations just because you didn’t step up on the looks. Give her the person that you’ve made her believe you are!

And lastly, do not pressure her into giving you an answer right away. She’s probably still a little dizzy from the idea of having a secret admirer and the reveal might be a little too much for her to handle. So give her enough space and time to know you better now that your secret is out!

How to Tell if He Only Wants Sex

Okay, so you have met this really amazing guy. Tall, handsome, smart and funny. You are so sure that you like him and he seems to like you, too. You say ‘yes’ the moment he asked you out for a date.

You have been going out quite regularly and you wonder, ‘What does this guy want from me?’ If you have been dating for a while and he still does not give you any clue, here are some ways to help you find out if he is into you or just wants to have sex:

  • He says he is not boyfriend material. Don’t fall for it. He’s not just being honest, he’s being upfront that he cannot be in a relationship. Why? There must be a reason, right? Later on, when he decides to stop seeing you, he can totally get away with it by saying that he warned you early on.
  • He is touchy in a sexual kind of way. He touches your thighs and arms, whispers too close to your ears and rubs his tool on you every time he gets the chance. If a guy who is interested in you wants to be intimate, he would probably start with a sweet kiss. There are ways to show love without being sexual. If he can’t, then it’s not love after all.

If he insists on seeing you at your place all the time, then he probably just wants to have sex.

  • He insists on meeting you at your place. He wants to have sex with you but doesn’t want to be seen in public with you as much as possible. The best of both worlds for him!
  • He takes you to the same place all the time. If he tells you it’s because he regards it as “our place,” don’t believe him. It’s not sweetness. On the contrary, he thinks you’re not worth the extra effort thinking of another place. And probably safe. He’s probably taking other women to other places (their own “our place”) so be vigilant. And most probably, that place is the most convenient way to get to his place or a motel.
  • He doesn’t call you. He can’t be busy all the time. Even if he is, a guy who is genuinely interested in you will make time even for quick calls, say even during his way to a bathroom break. If he only communicates through text or email, then something must be wrong.
  • He avoids personal topics. If he always takes you to the movies, then he’s probably avoiding conversations. And when you get the chance to talk, say on the way to his place after a movie date, then he is giving off signs that he doesn’t want you in his personal life.
  • He makes last-minute plans to see you after work. A guy who is interested in having a relationship with you other than sexual would plan dates ahead. Need I say more?
  • He doesn’t introduce you to his friends. If you’ve been dating for at least a month, you should’ve at least met one of his pals. Another sign that he doesn’t want you in his personal life.

If he’s doing any of these, then cross him out from your list of guys to have a serious relationship with. Here are some flirting tips from SonicSeduction website to get you started with guy-hunting. But if you really like him, at least you know how far you can go with him so you can save yourself from heartaches.


PDA is the display of any kind of love or affection in public and in some couples there is a dispute on what is still acceptable in public, and what is not. And in this uber-modern, advanced age, PDA is still a big issue for many couples.

Everyone knows some girl who seems to be just a bit too clingy to her boyfriend: she kisses, fondles and says ‘I love you’ all the time. Some guys do not mind overly attached girlfriends, but most do. This display of affection causes shame or embarrassment, as it is often frowned upon to show that much affection in public.


There are appropriate places where to express your affection for each other, and the public isn’t one of those.

Anything from just a plain smack on the cheek, to a French kiss is considered PDA, but the main problem is often not what the outside world thinks of it, but how the guy (or girl, since guys can be clingy too) feels and thinks about it. Without good communication, whether it is about where the boundaries stand for each other when it comes to showing affection on public or anything else, couples are often doomed to fail.

Communication is key to help a relationship survive. Talk with each other about how you feel when you kiss in public and let each other know where you draw the line. Being affectionate is perfectly fine, but people like it to keep it private, since it is no one else’s business on how you feel for each other, and how you express it.

Besides the obvious relationship problems PDA can cause, can it also cause problems with people outside you relationship? You won’t be the first to get in trouble for kissing on the work floor, or giving a subtle tap on the butt in front of other people.

Some countries have strict (religious) views on how people should behave in public, and being too clingy in public could get you in trouble. People who don’t like the love display you are showing could report you for breaking the law on public indecency or causing a public disturbance. Don’t test and see how far you can go in public and just keep it to a hug and a kiss, you can show your affection later at home anyway. There are other ways of showing affection without being sexual.

If you still can’t hold back your affection to one another, try finding a less public place. Snuggling in a mall or a supermarket is a bad idea, but in a quiet park where only a few people enjoy the scenery is a way better plan. As long as you are not shoving your PDA in people’s faces, most will not mind it and even ignore it. Since everyone can somehow recognize themselves in it, they would understand if you would try to keep it quiet and (at least a bit) hidden from view.

Do keep in mind though that if anyone recognizes you in public while you are showing your affection, they might change their opinion about you. And if you think PDA is a way of how to attract an ex girlfriend, you are so wrong.  And surely you don’t want people to gossip about how unrespect full you are to yourself and others just because you showed too much affection in public, do you?

Signs that Your Girlfriend is Unhappy With You

Sometimes, there comes a point in relationships where one party gets dissatisfied and is feeling unhappy about being in the relationship. In some people, it’s nothing but a phase that they get over from over time and some effort on healing. In others, however, it becomes the major deciding point and leads ultimately to a break up.

If you are on the happy, satisfied end of the relationship, the last thing you’d want is to wake up and find out that she wants quits because she has long been unhappy with you. Either you didn’t know how to check your compatibility on the first date, or the flame has died down. How do you detect the early signs of unhappiness in your girlfriend? What are the tell-tale signs of unhappiness and what do you do when you first notice them?


Any changes in the behavior of your girl done too frequently should be a cause for concern.

Here are some tips:

  • When silence has become awkward. In the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’, Uma Thurman’s character cited how comfortable silence is a good indicator that you’ve found someone ‘special’. Happy couples find that they can be happy and totally at ease with doing and saying nothing to each other. When this level of comfort is gone, and silence begins to get awkward between you two, then you may be having problems.
  • She actually hints about being unhappy. If your girl says it jokingly a little too often, there may be some truth to it. If it bothers you, better find a solution soon. Anticipation is always best – click here to know more. Another common form of hinting about unhappiness is comparing with other couples or hinting about how well other boyfriends are. Some girls just could not bear the thought of saying it to your face seriously, but somehow, somewhere she wants to let you know about how she feels about you and your relationship.
  • She enjoys the company of other people more than yours. Is she cancelling your dates too frequently? Is she more unavailable than available for you? Does she go out more with her friends than you? Or is she putting more priority on friends or work or something else over you? A little healthy space is one thing, but totally avoiding is another.
  • She has lost interest in conversations with you. She used to listen to you blabber about basketball. Or about work. And she used to tell you about the little details of her day, like losing a button on her blouse or almost killing a cat on the road. But she’s now reduced to one-line replies and shrugs and more awkward silence.

In fact, any small change in the behavior of your girlfriend towards you done too frequently is a cause of concern. Not too much as to become a paranoid, it is very important to notice these little changes because they could mean big things.

What to do when these signs start appearing: When you start noticing any of these changes, the only way to go is to talk about it. Avoid being confrontational but get her to open up to you. Make the whole situation comfortable for you and decide if she just needs time for herself or you want to go through couple therapy. Good luck!

How to Dress Up for a Date: A Quick Lesson on Fashion

It’s easy for the average man to forego being fashionable most of the time. Not a few men I know think that there’s really no need to be “fashionable” simply because they’re men. Even my boyfriend is guilty of this sort of reason.

But hey, it does not hurt to look good either! You don’t have to go and become the male versions of Lady Gaga just to be able to express yourself through fashion. You can be simple and fashionable, rocking outfits that suit you, make you look better than you usually do, and boosts your confidence! Because that’s what fashion is supposed to do: make you look and feel better.

This is especially important when you’re going out on a date. While looks are never a good basis for judging personalities, it helps in making a good first impression if the girl sees that you are dressed well and you are confident about yourself. It even taught a friend how to get a girlfriend in college.

So here’s to men who need to learn how to dress up properly for and outside of dates, and some valuable lesson on fashion do’s, don’ts, and never-get-caught-in-it fashion mistakes.

  • Wear something your size. This is not the 90s son. Wearing a shirt that’s 40x your actual size will make you look like you’re gunning for a mascot job at McDonald’s. Oversized shirts are now in The Never-Wear List. Or wear pants that could fit you and your mother only to wear it around like your waist is just an inch above your knee (luckily for us women, restaurants these days are banning these fashion disasters). And yes, don’t think you can get away with clothes that are too tight either. We seriously don’t need to know where your nipples exactly are in that shirt you’re wearing. (PS: is that your daughter’s shirt?)
  • They are called underpants for a reason. Keep it inside; we really don’t need to see how much you love Batman.
  • Sneakers are never good for dates.

Crocs are really comfortable, but save them for the beach or the park.

  • Neither are Crocs.  Go for loafers and boat shoes if you’re going out for dinner or for pairing with your shirtdresses.
  • Prints on prints are never a good combination. The only excuse I can think of for allowing to pair a striped tie with patterned shirt is for a New Year’s Eve party or a children’s party and you happen to be the clown. Bold print on bold color or bright colors in everything is never a good thing either. Here’s a rule that has saved countless women: get one item of clothing as the highlight piece in your ensemble, and mute everything else as complimenting pieces. Get a flamboyant tie to go with a pastel shirt, or go for a loud shirt with a discreet coat and tie.
  • Accessorize. There’s nothing wrong with a bracelet or two to go with your watch. You can even

    Accessorize conservatively.

    add a ring. Nobody said you have to wear every piece of jewelry or accessory all at the same time. Unless you’re a walking jewelry safe that is. Please don’t notify everyone in the room of your arrival by the clanging of your necklaces and bracelets.

And best of all, go for comfortable fashion. Your most luxurious, most grandiose and most “fashionable” of clothes would go to waste if you don’t get to wear them properly simply because you’re not comfortable wearing them.